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4/16/12 “Smoking London Performance @ 12 Bar Club”!

April 19th, 2012

Wow!…Just returned home from a “quick and exhausting” trip to London and a KILLER solo appearance at The 12 Bar Club in London on Denmark St, to promote my new blues CD release on Cargo Records entitled “Tattoo Burn”.

The 12 Bar Club reminded me of a New York club called “CBGB” I use to hang out at long time ago. In attendance were my loyal London fans, record company, booking agent and PR company… and my life time friend “Ciro” who in his “grande style” brought along his bevy of friends including some of London’s beautiful models! I loved this performance as it was solo, and I could stop and tell the stories of each song I performed off the new CD like; “Greens and Barbecue,” “Mojo Black Coffee” and the CD’s tittle track “Tattoo Burn”. Of course I had to perform a few of my Jimi Hendrix faves such as “Red House”(NOTE: on the Tattoo Burn CD my mate Bill Wyman from The Rolling Stones plays bass recorded LIVE in Hyde Park) and “Voodoo Chile” (slight return). I also had an excellent bassist I met at Ciros Pomodoro restaurant in Knightsbridge named “Franco” join me as well for a few songs and he was as they say in the UK; in “top form”! For my fans who couldn’t be there…well the rumor is I will be back in London July 6th performing with…WELL!!!….I can’t tell you that until it’s TOTALLY confirmed!!!

Below are quotes from a “few good friends” and one from “yours truly” used in a London press release which accurately describes how they feel about me and how I feel about my connection with the blues;

“I’m not into guitar technique and or speed. I am a simple “blues-rock inspired guitarist”, influenced by the greats that came before me; Muddy Waters, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Billy Gibbons and Jimi Hendrix to name a few. I am only interested in the outcome of my guitar playing in connection with my songwriting or a good “free form jam”….did it move my audience and listeners, did we connect on the level of music” -Micki Free

“Micki Free, is a multi-talented maker of mad machinations in a most mesmerizing manner” -The Rev. Billy F. Gibbons, ZZ Top
“Jimi Hendrix rides again!” – Bill Wyman (who performs with Micki on a version of ‘Red House’ on the album)
“Micki Free is not a Jimi Hendrix impersonator, but a Jimi Hendrix innovator,” -Gene Simmons

I used one of my favorite guitars for this performance, my Gibson Custom Shop NAMM 1961 Korina Flying V, and it didn’t let me down! I performed songs from “Tattoo Burn” CD as well as songs from my other solo works as well such as my hit “Wounded Knee”. Here is the Cargo Records link for the CD as a digital download;

Hope to see everyone soon,

Cheers….Micki Free