Coming July 20th, 2010!!!!

Micki Free

Eleven fresh tracks from Grammy Winner and Multi Platinum Recording Artist
The Inimitable…
Micki Free!!
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Micki as well…..
this record is rumored to be his best work yet.

Some songs were inspired by his meeting and recording with blues rock legend Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas with Terry Manning at the helm. “Billy Gibbons has been one of my all time favorite guitar players…his sound and style is only upstaged by his killer vibe for style and tone”.
To me Jimi Hendrix was the King of Soul and Feel…I learned the power of one note and bending from him. He is my first love on the guitar”.
Billy Gibbons taught me “TONE”…”killer tone out of the amp first and you got it from there”….add anything you want to the mix after that, Expandora, Bad Monkey, WA-WA, Roto-Vibe, EQ, Delay….whatever you's all good after you get that rockin tone!
With all that in mind and space…Micki set out to record a blues rock CD that he wanted, with no pressure from any label or manager.
The CD was recorded in Quad Studios in Nashville Tennessee in the “Neve Room”.
“That’s the only way I will record….old school analog baby, all the way…..warm, up front and personal…tone of the Gods and sweet as pie”!
Out of that “AMERICAN HORSE” was created!

Also coming soon…all of Mick’s solo CD’s;
“Gypsy Cowboy”
“Micki Free Experience”
“The Sun Chaser”
“Sedona Free”